Chinese visitors get groove on Pakistan's cultural feast in Beijing.

BEIJING -- :Pakistan Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque said on Saturday that Pakistan is an ancient civilization and a young nation boasting rich diversity and history.

Over the course of millennia, Pakistan's cultural tapestry has been embellished by multifarious streams of ideas and movements shaping its present progressive and pluralistic outlook.

He made these remarks while addressing a gathering at the opening ceremony of a two-day Pakistan cultural event held here by the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing.

The event was organized to celebrate the China-Pakistan Year of Tourism and Exchanges.

"The event features Pakistani vendors offering traditional food, drinks, and goods for purchase, as well as traditional music and dance performances," Haque noted, adding that he warmly welcomed Chinese visitors to get their jollies.

Hosted by the Pakistani Embassy in China and organized by Jinshang Group, the event - depicting Pakistan and showcasing Pakistan's beauty, landscapes, culture, food, cuisine and art - attracted a great many Chinese visitors to enjoy the exotic flavour of the neighbouring country.

"They're very new to me," a Chinese college student on-site...

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