Chinese premier talks with IMF Managing Director on phone.

BEIJING -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang talked with Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Kristalina Georgieva on the phone at the latter's request at Ziguangge of Zhongnanhai.

Premier Li noted that facing the complex and intricate international and regional environment, continuing the friendly cooperation between China and the IMF will benefit both sides and contribute to the international efforts against common challenges.

As the largest developing country and a strong advocate of South-South cooperation, China has made dedicated efforts to narrow the North-South gap, according to a press release issued by Chinese Foreign Ministry here on Thursday.

Addressing the debt problems of low-income countries requires the participation of all creditors. China is ready to play a constructive part in the resolution of the debt problems of relevant countries under multilateral framework.

At the same time, China maintains that all parties should take actions together and shoulder the burden fairly, to help low-income countries overcome economic difficulties and achieve sustainable development.

Premier Li noted that facing the shocks from COVID-19 and other greater-than-expected factors last year, China took timely and decisive actions by front-loading the implementation of established policies, and introducing a policy package for stabilizing the economy and follow-up measures. These efforts helped maintain the overall stability of economic performance. Over 12 million new urban jobs were...

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