China a time-tested friend of Pakistan, says Governor.

LAHORE -- A delegation led by Allen Geng, General Manager Sales of Chinese company Yingli Solar, called on PunAjab Governor, Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman, at GovAernor House Lahore, here on Friday. Director, UniAversity of Lahore, Abu Zar Ghaffari accompanied the delegation. Speaking on this occasion, Punjab GovAernor, Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman, said that ChiAna was a time tested and trusted friend of Pakistan who had supported PakiAstan in every difficult time. He said that China played a key role in bringing Pakistan out of the worst energy crisis in 2013. Governor Punjab said that Pakistan China EcoAnomic Corridor is a game changer for the economic and social development of the region. The governor further stated that it was unfortunate that work on this important...

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