China, KSA, Trkiye stand to uphold int'l law: Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan said yesterday that China, Saudi Arabia and Trkiye stood for international law and for the priAmacy of the UN charter by not parAticipating in the G: 20 meeting in occupied Kashmir.

At her weekly press briefing in Islamabad on Thursday, Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz ZahAra Baloch appreciated China, SauAdi Arabia, Trkiye, Egypt and Oman for not attending the G: 20 meetAing in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

The spokesperson said Pakistan had categorically rejected India's move to host the meeting of G: 20 Tourism Working Group in Srinagar.

She said India had clearly failed in hiding the reality in IIOJK behind a veneer of normalcy, as demonstratAed by low level representation and the absence of a number of importAant invitees at the Srinagar meeting.

She said India hosted this meeting in IIOJK in complete disregard to the relevant UN Security Council ResoAlutions, principles of the UN Charter and international law. The spokesAperson pointed out that the G: 20 was established primarily to adAdress global financial and economAic issues. She said by holding this meeting in the occupied territory, India has politicized yet another inAternational forum and is exploiting its position as the current chair to advance its self: serving agenda.

Baloch said India should instead provide unhindered access to the inAternational media and independent human rights organizations to reAport on the situation in IIOJK. The spokesperson said, Pakistan for its part, will continue to extend its morAal, diplomatic and political support to the Kashmiri people's just strugAgle for realization of their inalienAable right to self: determination.

To a question, she said Pakistan has not joined one bloc or the othAer. 'Pakistan has a consistent policy that we do not believe in bloc polAitics. We have an all: weather straAtegic cooperative partnership with China. It is a relationship that has grown from strength to strength over the last several decades and both countries are committed to this relationship,' she said.

The spokesperson added: 'SimAilarly, Pakistan has excellent relaAtions with a large number of counAtries around the world including the Middle East, Asia Pacific, EuArope and Africa. The United States is one of the oldest friends and partners of Pakistan and the bigAgest export market. Pakistan: US relations are multidimensional with several areas of cooperation. We have no desire to take sides or to join...

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