China applauds progress in intra-Afghan talks: Spokesperson.

BEIJING -- China welcomes and applauds the recent progress in intra Afghan talks, said spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying here at a press conference.

'It has been the Afghan people's aspiration to realize peace and stability at an early date.

After so many years of war, the Afghan people deserve a more peaceful, stable and wonderful future.

We hope both sides of the Afghan peace talks will put the nation and people first, act on the people's will, meet each other halfway and reach consensus on peace as soon as possible.

China will continue working with the international community to play a constructive role in this process,' the spokesperson added.

Commenting on progress on CPEC, Hua Chunying said, 'China Pakistan Economic Corridor is an important pilot project of the Belt and Road Initiative, and significant progress has been made in the past seven years or so.

Most outcomes are achieved in the fields of transport infrastructure and energy.

A large number of highways and power stations have been built and lots of jobs created, strongly boosting the economic development of the relevant...

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