Chilly nights bring roaring business for 'tea, coffee' shops.


ISLAMABAD -- With a sudden fall in temperature, the demand of 'Tea and Coffee' has increased manifold and shops all around the country including twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi were seen crowded with citizens specially youth which is favorite of everyone but it becomes more profitable business for sellers.

Scores of temporary stalls have also been set up by vendors where hot beverage are being sold.

Tea is used as common beverage in almost all over the world but in Pakistan it has a long tradition of tea drinking which has become a favorite source of entertainment in the society but its demand rises in cold season, citizens said.

According to sellers, with cold nights, apart from other winter special food sales, the demand of traditional variety of Tea and coffee was on rise.

A stall holder said winter is the best time for us to earn money. Though my work almost double during this time, it makes us happy.

A young man Zain Hashmi said tea-making is a profitable business during winters.

'There is a crave for tea during winter and it's hard to resist,' said sadia Abbas a customer.

A restaurant manager said with the start of winter season Tea and coffee shops start preparing different types of Tea to attract the customers to enjoy the weather.

"Kashmiri Kahwa Tea is an aromatic tea which will keep citizens warm on a...

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