Chief Secretary GB meets representatives of Line Departments.

GILGIT -- The representatives of various line departments gathered to meet Chief Secretary Gilgit-Baltistan, along with Additional Chief Secretary, Secretary Services, Secretary Law, Secretary Services, and Secretary Education.

In an official statement from CS GB office, it was informed that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the concerns and grievances of the departments and find viable solutions to address them effectively.

"The forum provided a platform for representatives from key line departments including Planning and Development (P and D), Education, Health, Power, Works, Food, Social Welfare, and CMIT, among others, to present their issues and challenges". The Chief Secretary, heading the forum, attentively listened to their concerns and found them to be genuine and deserving attention.

As a result of the constructive dialogue, the following decisions were made in the meeting:

  1. Competent officers from various departments such as School Education, Higher Education, Health, Power, and PWD will be designated as Additional Secretaries Technical and Deputy Secretaries Technical at their respective secretariats. This re-designation will grant them the status of civil servants and provide them with perks and privileges similar to cadre officers. Their valuable expertise will play a crucial role in policy-making processes.

  2. The case for the creation of a technical cadre within the secretariat will be initiated, presenting the proposal to the appropriate competent forum. Recognizing the technical capabilities of officers, it is understood that their presence within the secretariat can greatly contribute to the effective...

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