Chicken demand increases in chilly weather.


ISLAMABAD -- Chilly weather and cold winter spell compelled the people to throng for chicken soup and stock which increased the demand of raw chicken in twin cities.

A report aired on a private news channel stated, meat suppliers had witnessed that shopkeepers, hotel-owners and soup-seller had ordered for high number of raw chicken to provide hot beverages this winter, chicken soup and stock were always consumed in winter but the recent spell of cold had increased the number of consumers which directly benefited the soup-seller and poultry farms' owners.

Though soup sellers could not always fulfill the wish of their customers as many of the consumers asked for organic chicken soup but they equally enjoy the layer chicken stock as it kept them warm in cold weather.

A cart owner Talha Hashmi said usually they needed two to three raw chicken to make broth but nowadays they bought half a dozen for a week to meet the need of buyers, moreover it kept them extra occupied and boomed their business as well.

Salman Ahmed works in the government department said it had become daily ritual for his family to visit the nearest cafeteria to enjoy the hot saucy bowl of chicken soup...

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