Chelam Josh festival ends with sweet memories of local, foreign tourists.

CHITRAL -- :The Kalasha tribes' annual religious festival, Chelam Josh, also known as Joshi in local language, ended in Bomburit Valley with all its colors, festivities with sweet memories of the locals, and good numbers of foreign tourists.

However, the festival continues in Kalash Valley, Brier. In this festival, Kalash men play drums while Kalash women dance shoulder to shoulder in a circular circle singing religious songs.

Their families decorate their hats with notes of one hundred, five hundred, and thousand rupees.

It is considered as a sign of respect and dignity for them. By noon, Kalash women and children from different villages gathered in groups to dance to the beat of the dholak (drums), singing songs and dancing.

After noon, Kalash people hold walnut branches and leaves in their hands and wave them. They move slowly towards the main dance hall i.e. Chirsu, during which Muslims or people of other religions are not allowed to join this procession. When these people reach Charsu, they dance there with great enthusiasm to make their god happy.

After Asr, the religious leaders of Kalash i.e. Qazis pour milk into the wheat crop, which is done for blessing, while the men go away from the Chasso and hold walnut twigs, leaves or flowers in their hands and pray loudly in their own language.

They slowly come towards the dance floor while singing religious songs. But a person belonging to any other religion is not allowed to come in front of them. In Khirsu women also hold twigs and leaves in their hands and wave them and sing songs and...

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