Cheating in board exams of Sindh.

The board exams for the ninth and matric standards began in Sindh on March 7, 2023. There was hope that the Sindh Government would take necessary measures to prevent or reduce cheating during these exams. Unfortunately, no precautions have been taken so far, allowing cheating to continue without any fear or apprehension among students. Our dishonest education system is to blame for this prevailing trend.

Once students complete the ninth standard exams, they become fearless and confident about cheating in these major exams. They are aware that they can pass by resorting to dishonest means due to the flaws in the system.

Private institutions, which charge high fees and additional expenses in the name of quality education and educational activities, often facilitate cheating in collaboration with government officers.

From invigilators to ministers, all levels of authority are involved in aiding private and government institutions in cheating. We are well aware that this cannot be...

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