Charismatic Erdogan.

Trkiye's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a towering personality of contemporary times. He has defied projections of the Western media to emerge as a clear winner in the presidential elections. President Erdogan's victory in the run: off vote gives him a third five: year term as the President. In his roughly twenty years of rule since 2003, he has served as the Prime Minister for three terms. His Justice and Development (AK) Party went into May 2023 elections heading a coalition under 'People's Alliance' that also won the parliamentary elections. AK Party has now won more than a dozen elections, on the trot. This is an enviable record.

Larger than life Erdogan is a visionary who deeply empathizes with the aspirations of the common man in Trkiye. He has worked tirelessly to bring about substantial positive changes in their lifestyle. As a popular leader, he knows the art of connecting with the people and touching their hearts. He is a gifted and charismatic leader. But the main reason for his continued success and popularity is his strong performance record. Despite serious economic difficulties in recent years, the majority of people have kept faith in his leadership.

Today, despite serious challenges, Trkiye's over 900: billion: dollar economy is ranked 19th largest in the world. The World Bank acknowledges that Trkiye pursued 'ambitious reforms and enjoyed high growth rates between 2006 and 2017 that propelled the country to the higher reaches of upper: middle: income status and significantly reduced poverty'. Trkiye is a member of the G20 and the OECD and, and 'an increasingly important donor of Official Development Assistance'.

During his long rule, President Erdogan brought about a veritable transformation in the country's infrastructure and its industrial, agriculture, and services sectors grew exponentially. Building on his successful experience as the Mayor of Istanbul (1994: 98), he gave special attention to social sectors like health and education and the provision of basic amenities throughout the country. The urbanization challenge was handled skilfully which catapulted the Turkish construction sector to become the second largest in the world only behind China. At its peak, the Turkish annual tourism revenues surpassed 30 billion dollars. Fruits of development reached remote parts of the country, cementing the AK party's support base.

Under Erdogan, Trkiye has strengthened its strong indigenous capacity in defence production...

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