Changa Manga fire burns two hog deer.

KASUR -- A fire that started on Sunday in a section of Changa Manga forest is believed to have killed two hog deer, endangered animals according to the WWF, and burned scores of other animals.

About 3,000 hog deer live in Changa Manga Forest. Locals claim that a section of the forest was intentionally torched by the forest administration and wildlife officials with the help of poachers in order to compel the animals to leave their hiding places.

A band of hounds was waiting outside to pursue the animals when the woodland was set on fire, a forest officer told Dawn on the condition of anonymity. Residents and members of the Forest Protection Committee sought an investigation into the incident.

AERIAL FIRE: Jubilation firing claimed the life of a minor boy at village Sodiwal in the limits of the Allahabad police on Sunday.

According to the police, some wedding guests resorted to jubilation firing at the wedding of Ramzan Ahmed at village Sodiwal, leaving 13-year-old Azmat Ali...

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