Celebrities protest police crackdown on PTI workers at Imran Khan's residence.

LAHORE: With political unrest, a recession in the economy, and inflation, Pakistan is going through the worst possible situation. An already dire situation is worsened by the police's attempt to detain former prime minister Imran Khan in Lahore.

While police are currently at Khan's residence in Lahore to arrest him on the basis of two arrest warrants alleging corruption and "terrorism," his supporters are refusing to back down despite being met with tear gas and water cannon.

Millions of Khan's supporters have gathered to achieve "real freedom," from asserting dominance through force to causing uproar on social media platforms.

From civilians to Pakistani celebrities, everyone is raising their voices. Actor Muneeb Butt shared, "Imran khan's Arrest today! Blatant fascism at its peak."

The Mere Humsafar star --...

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