Celebrities demand release of Jibran Nasir as police register case against 'suspects'.

Prominent Pakistani lawyer and rights activist Jibran Nasir was 'picked up' by a group of unidentified people in Karachi on Thursday night, his wife Mansha Pasha said in a video message.

Ms Pasha, an actor, said they were returning home after having a dinner when a white Vigo vehicle stopped their car. He said almost 15 people, who were carrying pistols, forcibly took away her husband.

'I would want you all to raise your voices and pray that my husband comes back soon,' she said.

The development shocked several celebrities as they have called for the immediate release of the rights activist.

Actor Osman Khalid Butt called for his release. Taking to Twitter, he wrote: 'May we see you back home soon - and safe, brother'.

Director Shaarmeen Obaid Chinoy also condemned the arrest and wrote on her Instagram Story, saying, 'There is no one left...they have silenced everyone.'

Feminist rights movement Aurat March also demanded the...

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