CDA removes requirement of NOC for property transfer within family.

ISLAMABAD -- In a major decision, the city managers have removed the bar of getting Non Objection Certificates (NOCs) from the building control section (BCS) of Capital Development Authority (CDA) for transfer of property among family members.

'Now, there is no need of NOC from the Building Control Section (BCS) of CDA for family transfer of property. This step has been taken to facilitate citizens as in many cases when old parents try to transfer their property among their children, they had to go through the lengthy process of getting an NOC,' said a director CDA.

He said that the CDA board headed by Chairman Mohammad Usman Younis had approved some amendments to property manual of CDA last week amid providing relief to citizens, allowing the family members to transfer property without NOC. The director said that after issuance of minutes of the meeting in next few days, the CDA will issue a notification in this regard.

Under the new family transfer policy, the proposed transferee will be required to submit an affidavit only and in case of any violations he would be responsible for removing the same within three months.

Validity of NOC period of other property transfer cases has also been extended

The BSC issues NOCs after inspection of property. Meanwhile, in another public friendly decision, the CDA board decided that other than family transfers, the NOC of BCS is mandatory, but its validity has been extended from three months to one year.

The CDA officials Dawn spoke to said that getting the property transfer from CDA is a cumbersome step as it requires several NOCs such as one issued by BCS, one from revenue and one from the land directorate. They said that people with connections are able to their property transferred within a few weeks but ordinary citizens have to move from pillar to post to get the transfer done.

They said that in many cases, until the transfer case is mature, the validity period of BSC's NOC expires pushing the owners of property back to the starting point. 'Now, the validity period of...

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