CDA fails to get plots from DHA against its 1,500 kanals.

ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has asked the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to provide it the record of an agreement it signed with the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) in 2007 under which the civic agency handed over 1,500 kanals to the DHA and was in return supposed to get more than 700 developed plots.

However, the CDA has failed to get possession of the over 700 plots in lieu of its land which was handed over to the DHA about 14 years ago.

The two sides signed the agreement in 2007 under which the CDA handed over the 1,500 kanals in Zone 5 to the DHA. It was decided that in return the DHA would give 727 developed plots to the CDA.

The CDA had purchased/acquired the land under two awards announced in 1961 and 1964 for its own use, but all of a sudden in 2007 it handed over the land to DHA. As per its earlier announcement, the CDA would auction the plots to generate funds to be utilised on the development works.

FIA seeks record of agreement signed between two entities in 2007

The CDA almost every year in its budget showed the plots as its receivable assets. But it has so far failed to get the plots from the DHA.

Meanwhile, in a new twist to the issue, the FIA sought the record from the CDA about the agreement.

A letter issued by a deputy director of the FIA dated March 10, 2023, and addressed to the CDA chairman stated: 'This agency is conducting the subject enquiry on complaint made by Dr Shafiqur Rehman based on the allegations of unilateral, arbitrary, void ab initio agreement dated 12-09-2007 for handing over CDA land (old Islamabad Highway) to DHA on land sharing basis. The alleged agreement was carried out between Brig (retired) Asad Munir, Member Estate CDA, and Brig (retired) Zafar Iqbal Shah, Director Land DHA.'

The FIA sought the complete file, including noting portion against the agreement dated 12-09-2007, present legal status of the questioned agreement, present status of the possession of 2400 kanals and speicfied in the questioned agreement.

The FIA in the letter also asked the stance of CDA about the state land in...

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