CDA board decides to make amendments to zoning regulations.

ISLAMABAD -- The city managers on Monday took a major policy decision to amend the zoning regulations of Zone III with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) board approving formation of a committee to finalise recommendations.

The board, which met with CDA Chairman Mohammad Usman in the chair, besides other agenda items discussed a summary from the planning wing, seeking amendments to the zoning regulations.

Sources said after a detailed discussion, the board in principle decided to make amendments to the zoning regulations and formed the committee.

'Yes, today the board approved a summary of planning wing and directed for formation of a committee, which will propose amendments,' said the sources.

Committee formed to finalise recommendations, propose regulations in 15 days

They said the committee will be headed by member planning Waseem Hayat Bajwa while the member estate, directors master plan, building control, and renowned architect Nayar Ali Dada will be the members.

The committee is supposed to finalise its recommendations and proposed regulations within 15 days and the same would be presented to the federal cabinet for final approval.

Islamabad has five zones and according to the zoning regulations 1992, each zone has its own bylaws and regulations.

Zone III, which comprises around 50,00 acres, is comprised of the national park area and private land. Out of the total, around 20,000 acres is private land.

Other than the national park, a portion of Banigala, Lakhwal, Saidpur, Malpur, Bhara Kahu, Kot Hathial, Shah Allah Ditta, Mangial, Phulgran, Mandla, Dhoke Jewan, Gandiar, Kalinjar, Sanarir and area bounded by Srinagar Highway in the north, Shahrah-i-Islamabad in the west and Murree Road in the south and east up to its junction with Srinagar Highway and Rawal Lake and area within a distance of two kilometres from the high watermark of Rawal Lake fall in the limits of Zone III.

However, the CDA in violation of fundamental rights of people neither is acquiring their private land, which falls in the zone, nor regulating the construction activities, resulting in the mushroom growth of unauthorised buildings.

People who hold land in the zone often face various restrictions as according to the CDA's zoning regulations...

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