Carpet association felicitates Shahbaz Sharif on taking office of PM.

LAHORE -- The Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PCMAEA) congratulated Shahbaz Sharif on assuming the office of Prime Minister and expressed the hope that the new government would take steps to address the daunting challenges facing the country, boost trade and economy especially stakeholders will be involved in the consultation process to promote exports.

Group leader of the Association Abdul Latif Malik, Senior Vice Chairman Ejaz-ur-Rehman, Senior Executive Member Ejaz-ur-Rehman, Usman Ashraf, Saeed Khan, Muhammad Akbar Malik in their joint statement said that the proposals submitted by all chambers across the country, including the Lahore Chamber, should be made part of the upcoming financial budget.

They said the country is currently facing problems such as rising inflation, trade deficit, decline in many export sectors including handloom carpet industry and rising debt but we expect Shahbaz Sharif to address them with his foresight and overcome these crises after properly consulting with stakeholders.

They said that a...

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