CarFirst sets distinctive goals to get its vision of revolutionizing Pakistan auto sector.


Byline: Mohammad Arif

PAGE: What has been the growth story for being a successful company? Can you share some interesting numbers?

Raja Murad: Today with consistent hard work and determination from my team, we employ over 280 people and have 29 purchase centers across Pakistan with many new services and products under our belt. Our top line has grown to several times the monthly volume we had in the beginning of this year, but the more interesting thing is that we are growing into new value chains and expanding our presence throughout the entire auto-sector ecosystem. In accordance with our commitment to growth, we are excited to announce that our expansion plans for Faisalabad are underway and we are soon to launch our operations in this city.

We hope to open our purchase centers and warehouses in every city, making our services available to all of Pakistan. So, whosoever is willing to sell their car in any city of Pakistan, has the option of driving down to a CarFirst purchase center. We aim to make the used car trade market more transparent, secure and convenient for anyone wishing to buy or sell their car. By connecting car owners to insurance, financing, warranty, inspections, and a host of other services, CarFirst will leverage not one but many revenue streams for its future growth.

Other than the marketplace model, CarFirst is trying to expand its outreach through a number of initiatives such as 'Corporate Fleet Program' Program - The program provides logistical support and hassle-free tailored solution such as Fleet Liquidation, Value Guarantor and BuyBack Program to multinational and local companies looking to manage their auto fleets, 'Merchant Program'

Creating opportunities for small scale car dealers and help them grow their volume and profits exponentially, increase our 'Apprenticeship Program' - Invest in training the mechanical engineering students (youth) who have a keen interest in the automobile industry, get more Dosts through our 'Dost Program'

An incentive program is open to everyone who wishes to help their friends and loved ones sell their cars to CarFirst, encourage customers to avail our 'Exchange Program' - Option to trade up an old car for new car by offsetting the value of your old car against the price of the new car, expand our 'Purchase Centers Network' - We are continuously working to expand our network of purchase centers within Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and then beyond and searching newer avenues to...

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