Capital most vulnerable to street crime after evening.

ISLAMABAD -- The federal capital remained vulnerable to criminal activities mostly from evening to midnight in the previous year.

Sources in the police told Dawn that during 2022 as many as 13,093 criminal activities were committed in the capital out of which on an average 4,923 (37.6pc) incidents happened from 6pm to midnight.

The second most preferred time for the criminals to strike was from 12 noon to 6pm during which 4,126 crimes were committed with an average of 31.51pc, they said, adding 2,729 and 1,315 crimes were committed between 6am and 12 noon and from midnight to 6am with an average of 20.84pc and 10pc, respectively.

'During the last year, criminals committed 87 dacoities - 41 from 1800 hrs to 0000hrs, followed by 23 form 0000hrs to 0600hrs, 12 from 0600hrs to 1200hrs and 11 from 1200hrs to 1800hrs,' the sources added.

Likewise, 2,228 robberies were committed in 2022 out of which 1,198 were reported from 6pm to midnight, 435 from midnight...

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