Call to save State Life from destruction.

KARACHI -- State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is the largest financial and rich organization not only of the country but the entire Asia which has billions of rupees assets of its own and billions of rupees are in reserve fund which are used for the benefit of widows, orphans, disabled, and aged people. This was claimed by Dr Mazhar Mughal, President, State Life Field Workers Federation, Larkana Zone, while addressing a press conference at a local press club here Wednesday. He said this institution was also providing employment to millions of unemployed young educated people which was running on four tyres including field workers, area managers, officers and staff. He said: 'Most important of them is the status of field worker because he brings money from the market. The field workers include sales managers, sales officers and sales representatives and all of them are commission holders.' He said this structure was running since 1970 which had turned the State Life from Zero to billionaire. Mughal said that recently Chairman of the State Life Younis Dagha finished the old structure and introduced new one by issuing a letter on 01st February 2019 under...

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