Call for promoting culture of coexistence.

KARACHI -- The speakers at the national conference organized by the University of Karachi on 'interfaith harmony and co-existence: a solution to rising extremism and intolerance' urged to develop a coexisting culture in the country to avoid extremism and hate against other religions. The event was held at the Chinese Teachers Memorial Auditorium (formally known as Arts Auditorium) on Monday.

The Sanatan Dharma International Society President Professor Dr Manouj Chauhan shared that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has served humanity. He shared that it has been witnessed that religious card is often misused in Pakistan and this practice has been defaming the country across the globe. He mentioned that war between good and evil is an ongoing phenomenon and it will continue forever.

On this occasion, the KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mehmood Iraqi said that Islam gives every person the right to perform their worship freely according to their will. 'People should respect each other's religion, and belief and do not disrespect their holy books and places of worship.'

Tushna Patel, the representative Parsi community on CM Sindh's non-Muslim Welfare Committee, said that peace is a state of security and order within a community. Peace is a way of life in which we respect and love each other in spite of our cultural, religious, and political differences...

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