Cabinet Reviews Winter Preparation, Meat Export and Foreign Worker Quota

Cabinet met on November 24 to discuss winter preparation and set the quota for foreign workforce.The Prime Minister instructed the Deputy Prime Minister to increase the state reserve of hay and fodder to prevent shortage during winter.

Cabinet members agreed to locate sites for hay warehouses in Bayantsagaan soum of Bayankhongor Province, Arvaikheer soum of Uvurkhangai Province, and Tudevtei soum of Zavkhan Province. They also agreed to dispatch hey reserves to regions likely to face challenging winter conditions.

Premier U.Khurelsukh instructed ministers to support exports of sheep and goat meat from provinces with not livestock disease outbreaks.

Since January, Mongolia exported 18,000 tons of meat to China, Russia, Vietnam and Iran. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry is expected to export 13,600 tons of mutton and 13,800 tons of goat meat this year.

During the meeting, Cabinet approved the quota for foreign workers in Mongolia for 2018. Next year, the number of foreign specialists and workers being...

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