Cabinet Reviews Government Operations, Intergovernmental Agreement, and Regulation

During Cabinet's weekly Wednesday meeting, ministers discussed responses of government organizations to petitions and complaints from the public and entities.

In 2018, the prime minister, deputy prime minister, Cabinet secretariat, and some other high-ranking government officials received 2,512 petitions and complaints from the public and entities. Some 2,408 (95.8 percent) of the petitions were processed and responded to. Government offices of the provinces, capital and districts received 10,013 petitions, complaints and requests, and while 9,744 (97.3 percent) were processed and responded to, while the remaining complaints are still under review.

Cabinet ministers reviewed outcomes from meetings of the intergovernmental commissions between Mongolia and Laos, and Mongolia and Hungary, and decided to approve the plans for reaching the commitments made at the meetings.

During the Cabinet meeting, ministers reviewed a note for an agreement between the governments of Mongolia and Ecuador on visa waiver requirements for holders of all types of passports. After the sides sign the agreement, citizens of the two countries will be eligible for visa waivers for a stay not exceeding...

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