Buzdar's curse.

IT appears that Chaudhry Parvez Elahi is not done running circles around the PTI. According to recent reports from Punjab, which has been in the throes of political turmoil ever since Usman Buzdar was told to pack up and step aside, the two coalition partners who form the provincial government are once again at a crossroads, with both trying their best to drag the other in a different direction.

Mr Khan, who remains intent on using every ploy in his playbook to force the federal government to close shop and call a general election, wants the PML-Q chief minister to take a vote of confidence and restore his power to dissolve the Punjab Assembly when he pleases. However, Mr Elahi, despite publicly posturing that his loyalties are with the PTI, now seems to have other plans.

It may be recalled that the Lahore High Court has barred the dissolution of the assembly at least till January 11, when it will next hear a petition against the Punjab governor's removal of Mr Elahi from his office on the grounds that he failed to secure a vote of confidence within the stipulated time.

The PTI wants Mr Elahi to secure the vote of confidence before that to ensure he is in full control of his office when the court's bar is lifted. However, Mr Elahi has taken to publicly disagreeing with that strategy, raising suspicions in the minds of PTI loyalists.

The PML-Q's new tune is also raising doubts in Mr Khan's mind regarding the establishment, which he believes may be dissuading his ally...

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