Burglars remove ATM tray, take away Rs1m in Karachi.

KARACHI -- Burglars took away around Rs1 million from an ATM on the busy Shahrah-ePakistan in Karachi after they removed the entire tray containing the currency notes on Wednesday.

According to details, the crime was committed between 4am and 5am as the burglars targeted the ATM booth outside a bank.

The ATMs (automated teller machines) are now installed around the world to help the people safe and convenient transactions 24/7 without bothering about long lines during banking hours.

But it makes them a target for criminals who nowadays face a tough job robbing the banks amid a better security system.

Meanwhile, the robbers often wait outside ATMs in deserted areas or during night hours to snatch money from those who use these machines.

But on the other hand, others are not successful despite all the planning and tools they use as the Hindustan Times reported a botched burglary attempt at an ATM in Ludhiana where over 0.5...

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