Bulls rule PSX, week-long trade concludes with growth of 342.09 points.


ISLAMABAD -- The bullish trend dominated the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) throughout the week ending on Friday, November 1, as the KSE-100 index collectively witnessed increase of 342.09 points since the beginning of the trade on Monday.

The KSE-100 index touched the figure of 34203.68 points on Friday after passing through mixed trends, mostly dominated by bulls, throughout the week. The week had started with index position closing at 33861.59 points on Monday, the beginning day of the trade activity.

Collectively, there had been increase of 1.01 percent increase in the KSE-100 index activity during the week under review.

According to break up figures, PSX Friday noted bullish trend as KSE 100 index closed at 34,377.61 points as compared to 34,203.68 points on the last working day, with positive change of 173.93 points (0.51%). A total of 157,118,951 shares were traded whereas the value of shares traded during the day stood at Rs6.463 billion.

Total 349 companies' transacted shares in the Stock Market Friday, out of which 170 recorded gains and 142 sustained losses whereas the share price of 37 companies remained unchanged.

The index witnessed bullish trend on Thursday as KSE 100 index closed at 34,203.68 points as compared to 33,761.41 points on the last working day with the positive change of 442.27 points (1.31 %). A total of 183,976,532 shares were traded with Rs 6.867billion value of shares traded during the day.

On Wednesday, the index had noted bearish trend as KSE 100 index closed at 33,761.41 points as compared to 33,797.51 points on the last working day with the...

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