Build a Brand out of Yourself.

AuthorAbid, Sabiha


Branding is a process which involves creating of a specific name, logo and an image of a particular product, service or company. Branding is done to attract customers by portraying the best of the characteristics possessed by a product produced by any company. Branding allures the consumers to mesmerize their emotions for positive connectivity with the branded product and seller of the product. The best practically adopted strategy is to advertise the products with consistent theme. Brands are perceived varyingly both by buyers and sellers with their respective perspectives. Buyers usually take brand as good or service, whereas merchants associate brand with identity. Brand also specifies the company behind the product. When we say clothing outlets then there will be many but if we say "Brand Name" then it is brand and the apparel being sold is branded wear. To make the concept more clear branding puts "face" behind the name, which is the result of advertising copy or TV commercials. Brand is to create PR and media hype and it does not speak about the quality of the product.

From the merchant's point of view branding is a way of taking everything that is good about the company -positive shopping experience, professionalism, superior service, product knowledge, whatever company wants to portray to the consumer is done and consumers believe in it because all the characteristics are wrapped into a package that can be evoked by the brand as signifier.

The earliest sign of branding can be traced back to Europe where craftsmen put trade marks on their product to protect themselves and producer against inferior quality substitutes. Brands identifies the source of the product and allow consumers either individual or organizations - to assign responsibility to a particular manufacturer or distributor. Brands simplify the product handling and tracing because consumers lives have become complicated. Brand names are also registered trade mark of the companies; help to organize inventories and accounting records. Though the intellectual rights the companies can safely invest in the brand and can enjoy benefits over a long Period of time. Brand name means quality and brand loyalty secures the brand demand and products can be sold at high prices and makes the entry of new firms difficult. Brand is a perpetual identity that is implemented in accordance with the perceptions, beliefs, ultimate choice of the consumers. Branding demands consumer's knowledge of "who" the product - by giving a name. Branding means framing mental structures of the consumers in such a way that...

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