Bring drastic reforms to stop politicizing of police: Altaf Shakoor.


KARACHI -- Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor has demanded to introduce drastic reforms in police to stop growing politicizing in this crucial department. Talking to a delegation here Tuesday, he said politicization of police is a cruse in our country and also a main hurdle in a better law and order. He said sadly Sindh province is notorious for politicizing of police and it is, therefore, no surprise that law and order in Sindh is also in shambles. He regretted that in Sindh province, police officers spend more time to please chief minister and ministers than focusing on their basic duty of maintaining law and fighting crime. He said to end this menace we need revolutionary changes in our police department. He said the concept of elected police sheriffs at grassroots level should be experimented in our country. He said the models of police departments of megacities like London, New York and Tokyo should be seriously studied and replicated here wherever feasible. He said the present model of Pakistani police and crime control is based on the colonial laws of British rulers whose sole aim was to intimidate and suppress local people.

He said this is why even today in our country police are seen by the poor masses as foes not as friends. He said we need people-friendly police laws and this need to shun our legal and crime control system which is a living legacy of our former British rulers. Altaf Shakoor...

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