Bring down custom duties to encourage legal trade with Iran'.


KARACHI -- Leader of an Iranian trade delegation Morad Nemati has said that in order to improve the trade relations between Pakistan and Iran, it was really essential that steps have to be taken to deal with the barriers hindering smooth trade between the two brotherly countries while the high Custom Duties need to be brought down to encourage legal trade and discourage smuggling. Exchanging views at a meeting during his visit to the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Saturday, Morad Nemati added that in addition to bringing down the high custom duties, formal banking channel between the two countries has to be activated which was widely being demanded by the business communities of the two countries since quite some time now. Commercial Attache of the Iranian Consulate in Karachi Mahmoud Hajy Yousefi Pour, Vice President Shahid Ismail, Former Vice President Asif Sheikh Javaid, KCCI Managing Committee Members and members of the Iranian delegation from different sectors of the economy were also...

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