With having an about 1000km-long common border, the two neighboring, friendly and brotherly countries of Iran and Pakistan have countless opportunities and potentials for expansion of bilateral relations.

Yet, the volume of trade between the two countries is not in conformity with these opportunities and potentials.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, for making use of these potentials, has adopted 'neighbors first' as its foreign policy, wherein a special preference has been given to promotion and development of relations with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in all fields including trade, culture, people-to-people exchanges, diplomacy and security.

A vigorous promotion of border diplomacy with Pakistan is one of the most important parts of the 'neighbors first' policy of Iran.

It is in line with this policy that the two countries have always put up joint and commendable efforts for opening of border crossings and security of their common borders.

Today, the expanded borders between Iran and Pakistan have become a golden opportunity and potential for their economic blossoming and people-topeople ties.

The inauguration of the Rimdan-Gabd border can be termed as the first step towards implementation of the two countries' border diplomacy.

This border which is going to bring a huge economic advantage for the two countries, serves as a window to further development of trade and people-to-people exchanges between Iran and Pakistan.

For facilitating these exchanges, Iran has so far allotted a sum of more than four million dollars and a land with area of more than 6000 hectares for development of infrastructure for the Rimdan border, so that the two countries could accrue a maximum benefit from this border only 130 kilometers away from the Chabahar port of Iran.

Iran has provided very good technical equipment for this border, specially for trading in cattle and fruits and vegetables, and is also trying to provide at the earliest possible time all necessary facilities for trade in other goods such as construction materials.

One of the main features of this border is the availability of all necessary equipment for export of mangoes from Pakistan to Iran.

Thus, from now on, export of...

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