Book on places, personalities of Larkana launched.

LARKANA -- A book titled Sajan ja sario sang (recall the beloved's charms), a compilation of articles on various places and personalities of Larkana, authored by septuagenarian Jeal Oad was launched here on Saturday night at Sindh Public School.

It was presided over by a poet and former secretary general of Sindhi Adabi Sangat Sindh, Dr Zulfikqar Siyal.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Siyal said Jeal Oad was a genuine writer who had written truth about various places of Larkana and also paid tribute to the people from whom he was impressed or had come in contact at different times.

He said the book was more valued than superficial research works of many pseudo researchers who had earned PhD degrees virtually as grant for them. The task of research in history or literature was very difficult and demanding one which only the researchers and writers of the calibre of Jeal Oad could accomplish.

An octogenarian writer, Dr Bashir Ahmed Shaad, said Jeal was only two years junior to him and they had attended the same school. Since his early age, he was inquisitive and always kept trace of things to reach their core facts and that book was result of his restless nature which kept him writing, he said.

Prof Mukhtiar Ahmed Samo, founder of Knowledge Centre and chairman of the Larkana District Historical Society, said the book was in continuity with previous two books regarding the facts and history of Sindh and Larkana district written by Jeal Oad. Such books had an academic value which must be introduced in educational institutions as the youth should come to know about the history and facts of their native places, cities and people who worked magnificently to add value to the society.

Jeal Oad, author of three books, said: 'I love places and people of my native land and it is out of my affection and attachment with them that...

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