Bodies of two newborns found in bags.


Okara -- The bodies of two newborn babies were found at different areas here on Thursday. An unclaimed shopper was found outside a private hospital at Hujra Shah Moqoeem in which there was the body of a newborn baby. Likewise, in Naveed Kot nar Kausar Mills the dead body of another newborn was found in the heap of garbage. The police had taken in custody both the corpses and started investigations. In village Matta Singh Depalpur, Shumaila Bibi went out of home to the shop of Javed grocer to buy something. There were two men with Javed, Imtiaz and another person. Javed put a pistol on the head of the girl and committed rape with her, whereas Imtiaz Ahamd made video on his phone.

Later, Javed called a car, Javed and Imtiaz carried her to Imran at Depalpur. Imran committed rape with her forcibly. In the afternoon she escaped on the pretext of toilet and reached home. A case was registered with the police.

Meanwhile, three girls were abducted from two places. In village Ckhunnu Mahtam Parran Bibi and REhana Bibi were...

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