Biotechnology research helps to mitigate climate change on staple food production: FTO.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan, as one of the countries most vulnerable to climatic effects, always faces risk to its food production capability and research in the field of biotechnology around the world is helping mitigate the effects of climate change on staple foods production.

Speaking at a seminar on ' Use of Biotechnology to boost Agri production', Coordinator to Federal Tax Ombudsman Meher Kashif Younis said Biotechnology helps increase the yield per acre of staple foods, said a news release issued here on Sunday.

It helps in the production of genetically modified (GM) seeds that give higher yields than conventional seeds under the same conditions.

The yield of major staple foods in Pakistan is not in line with the demand as per hectare yield of wheat is 3 tonnes, he added.

Kashif said the use of biotechnology can address food security in Pakistan to a great extent as food insecurity in Pakistan is a long-standing problem causing a lot of stress for the...

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