Bilawal slams govt for inflation.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman BiA!lawal Bhutto Zardari yesterday slammed the federal government for rising inflation in the country, saying that the monthly inflation rate had gone through the roof at 11.1 percent.

In a statement, the PPP chairman pointed out that the annual inA!flation rate had reached 14.1 percent. 'AccordA!ing to the WPI, the inA!flation rate has reached 16.6 percent; while acA!cording to the SPI, the inflation rate in the country has reached 21.3 percent.'

Bilawal said that Imran Khan's governA!ment had unleashed a maelstrom of inflation in the country, adding that there seemed to be no decrease in inflation. 'How can a country surA!vive economically when it imports sugar and flour while producing wheat and sugarcane in abundance,' he quesA!tioned. He said that dastarkhwans (charity food) for the poor in the holy month of Ramazan were quite telling of Imran Khan's incompeA!tence at best...

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