Bilawal seeks MQM-P's help to topple PTI govt.


KARACHI -- Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said yesterday that PPP could accommodate MQM in Sindh government if it helps his party in toppling PTI government.

Inaugurating four major development schemes here, Bilawal said MQM lawmakers could also be offered portfolios in accordance with their party's share in federal cabinet.

He said allies of Imran Khan's government had to change their stance sooner or later for supporting his government and stop the injustices and tyranny that had gripped the country.

'Topple it, topple it, topple Imran's government,' he added.

'For Karachi's sake, all ministries that the MQM-P has in the Centre, we will give them in Sindh. But the only condition is to send him [Imran Khan] back home,' he said.

'Today or tomorrow, all the facilitators, all the allies will have to take this decision, will have to save Pakistan and end Naya Pakistan,' he added.

However, MQM-P's spokesperson rejected the offer and said the party formed an alliance with the federal government for welfare of people of Karachi and not for the seats in federation or provincial government setup.

In a statement, he said that MQM-P will not decide to leave the federal government on the wish of someone, adding that the party believed in the politics of rights of people instead of seats.

The MQM-P spokesperson urged Bilawal to empower local bodies by introducing a bill in Sindh Assembly. 'Instead of offering us to join Sindh government, PPP should empower local bodies by presenting bill in the provincial assembly,' he said, adding that MQM-P will fully support PPP in this step.

He demanded that provincial government should transfer institutions like; Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KW and SB), Karachi Development Authority (KDA), Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) and others to the local government.

Bilawal inaugurated four major development schemes including Hyder Ali Underpass together with side lanes of Cantonment Station, Korangi No. 5 and 2.5 areas streets initiated and completed in 2019 with cost of Rs.1.74 billion.

He said the PPP had in past worked together with the MQM and was still looking forward to work with it in close alliance by 100 percent.

'The PPP is eager to see Karachi as most developed city but the flawed and biased policies and treatment of the Centre with Sindh government are serious hurdles in that way. Without removing these hurdles the provincial government might continue to face serious...

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