Bhara Kahu scheme faces continuous delay.

ISLAMABAD -- A project of the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF), the Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme, has been facing continuous delay despite payment of first installment in name of development charges two and half years ago which were fixed for allotment of plots.

The membership drive was launched in 2009 against five categories of plots measuring 50 X 90 (CAT-I), 40 X 80 (CAT-II), 35 X 70 (CAT-III), 30 X 60 (CAT-IV) and 25 X 50 (CAT-V).

The revised tentative schedule of payment of allottees of PhaseA VI Bara Kahu (Green EnclaveA-I) has been recently determined as Rs. 44,90,000 in CAT-I; Rs. 31,96,880 in CAT-II; Rs. 24,42,560 in Cat-III, Rs. 17,96,000 in CAT-IV and Rs. 12,48,220 in CAT-V.

The seniority list has been issued by the FGEHF but no significant progress towards possession of plots has been made despite passage of more than ten years due to various reasons among which litigation was one of them along with other official obstacles.

The Membership Drive, Phase-I of the Housing Foundation was started for FG Employees and other in 2009 on the basis of 'First Come First...

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