Beyond the signature's phrase, ' Ghabrana nahe hai'.

ISLAMABAD: I burst out laughing, as I have come to know that Khan's prominent catchy-phrase, "Ghabraana Nahe Hai" has made its way into Pakistan's showbiz industry. According to details, Saba Qamar, a well-known versatile actress has renamed her movie as "Ghabrana Nahi Hai"which was earlier named as 'Zubaida Mard Bann'.

Contrastingly, the flip side of the Khan's signature's phrase triggered the Pakistanis into real panic and not even couldn't save them from being affected by the coronavirus and ensuing starvation. While in the opposition, Khan was a very high moral pedestal and believed to be able to steer the country out of myriad problems ranging from economic mismanagement to corruption, terrorism, and a darkened international image.

The idealistic phrase, "aap ne ghabrana nahe ha' is such a cliche that has trampled people's expectations under the feet. The evidence so far shows it is leadership's failure that does not have the capacity to think through the details of planning and execution.

On the other hand, Central government stands on its claims that despite difficult goals, the government delivered remarkably well, unlike opponent's belief. Decisively, PTI holds assertion clearing the clutter gathered over last three decades and trying to put the country on right path, leading to prosperity and economic stability.


Rhetoric against former political leaders and resulting narrative.

The question arises that for how long the rhetoric against former political leaders would work for PM Imran Khan? There is a shelf life for everything, even political rhetoric.

Blaming Pakistan's former leaders for the problems might be attempt at diverging from the issue of the government's incompetence OR might be good prime time news, but in reality, Imran Khan's rhetoric is slowly dying. Declaring the political rivals corrupt, choar, daku , and making promises of bringing back looted money of the people of Pakistan, was an easy job performed during being in the opposition on top of a shipping container but the reality is not the same anymore. The most interesting thing is that common man doesn't care about the past of the leaders but just wants the current leadership to deliver on all his promises.

As result, former political leaders do not hesitate narrating that there is somehow the country's powerful military and its intelligence agencies behind this heinous game, They probably well aware how Khan was propped up by placing key leaders of the two major opposition parties during the July 2018 parliamentary elections and that is why the term "Selected Prime Minister" is repeatedly used by the opposition leaders.

Economic crisis fallout.

To believe on miracle discovery of gas and oil treasures in Pakistan to revive the economy, and relying on sheep, buffaloes and goats instead concrete steps for an economic revolution, is nothing but ridiculous dream. The opposition unleashed a volley of criticism against the government's economic policies, prompting the members of treasury benches to defend their decision during the ongoing budget debate.


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