Bestway Cement Limited Announces Plans for Expansion and Shareholder Approvals.

Karachi -- Bestway Cement Limited has made significant decisions during their recent Board of Directors meeting held in Islamabad on June 1, 2023. These decisions aim to enhance the company's growth and streamline shareholder processes.

Firstly, the Board of Directors has proposed an increase in the authorized share capital of the company from Rs.7 billion to Rs.47 billion. This move, subject to shareholder approval, aims to provide Bestway Cement with greater financial flexibility and capacity to pursue future endeavors.

Secondly, the Board seeks shareholders' approval for the capitalization of the company's profits. By capitalizing these profits, Bestway Cement aims to strengthen its financial position and further invest in expansion and development projects.

In addition, the Board has decided to invest in the shares of United Bank Limited, pending shareholder approval. This strategic investment aligns with Bestway Cement's commitment to diversify its investment portfolio and explore new avenues for growth.

Furthermore, Bestway Cement intends to seek shareholder...

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