Become at least a Modi, if not a binQasim, Altaf Shakoor advises Imran.

KARACHI -- Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor has advised Prime Minister Imran Khan that if cannot become a Bin-Qasim for the distressed sisters and daughters of Kashmir, he should try to at least become a Modi of Pakistan to run a government in an efficient manner. In a statement issued here Friday, he said the Kashmiri mothers, sisters and daughters are waiting for a Muhammad bin Qasim, but there is no any bin-Qasim in sight. He asked Prime Minister to at least become a Modi if he cannot become a bin-Qasim.

He said there is no doubt that Modi is a butcher and a killer, and a dictator, but at least he is utilizing all his available sourcesto achieve his objectives and policies, right or wrong. He said the lukewarm response of our rulers to the core...

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