Battling fascism in Pakistan.

Pakistan's democracy is threatened as violence rears its ugly head again. The country's political climate has been marred by controversy and conflict for many years, but the events of May 9th, 2023, have brought it to a new level of instability. The sounds of shattering glass and the blazing roar of flames filled the air as Imran Khan was taken into custody by the Rangers, a paramilitary force under the authority of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), as ordered by the Islamabad High Court.

In the wake of Imran Khan's arrest, his supporters erupted into a frenzy of activity, causing damage to military buildings and setting them ablaze. Several incidents took place, including the burning of the house of Lahore's Corps Commander, Askari Plaza Lahore, PMLN Secretariat Lahore, motorway Swat, a PAF base in Mianwali, where even a dummy plane was set on fire and many other state buildings. The PTI supporters attacked and stoned the Army officers and attacked the police. The violence rose as they vandalised Peshawar Cantonment and the KP provincial assembly. This is not a peaceful political demonstration but a horrendous display of unrestrained aggression that defies all explanation. Political arrests are expected in Pakistan.

One must remember how Imran Khan held all his political opponents in continuous detention by hooking them into false cases and politically victimising them. In the past, political leaders have faced similar situations and dealt with them peacefully, preserving democracy and establishing their innocence through the legal process. Today marks a new chapter in history as, for the first time since the creation of Pakistan, a Corps Commander's house was vandalised and set ablaze, leaving a damaging image in the international media. The absence of law and order, as witnessed today with the vandalisation and arson of a corps commander's house, shatters the very foundation of our nation and leaves a devastating image in the eyes of the world. It is a bitter pill to swallow that our own state appears powerless in the face of chaos and destruction, handing victory to those seeking to tarnish Pakistan's reputation and give India a reason to gloat in the media.

These violent protests following the arrest of Imran Khan raise serious concerns about the stability of Pakistan and the spread of fascism, both on the streets and in the digital world. In addition, PTI must face the state's criticism for disregarding the rule of law...

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