Barkhan: Scorpion-bitten girl Khadija Baloch died due to lack of vaccination.

QUETTA -- A tanager girl named Khadija Baloch, a resident of Barkhan district of Balochistan died a day later from a lethal scorpion sting due to a lack of proper treatment and vaccination in the area.

Every year, dozens of people have been lost their lives agonizingly in Balochistan for not having the proper treatment and vaccine facilities regarding snake and scorpion stings, Chairman of Shams Hamzazai Jalal Kakar told reporter .

He said the majority of district hospitals are incapable to provide treatment facilities and vaccines regarding snake and scorpion bites.

The provincial government should take steps to ensure the presence of doctors, concerned medical officials and paramedics in the hospitals of all far-flung areas of the province, he added.

Loralai, the divisional headquarter has a teaching hospital but evidently there was lack of facilities in the hospital which was unable to cater to the influx of patients in the area, he added.

Jalal urged the government to take more steps to provide better healthcare facilities and improve conditions in the hospitals to...

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