Balochistan - A tedious voyage to promote tourism.

QUETTA -- Amidst incidents of terrorism and infiltration into the province, Balochistan is still emerging as a land of future tourism, taking great strides in this arena in recent years to reach this eagerly anticipated and laboriously won milestone.

The concentrated approach adopted to explore the true potential of Balochistan's tourism sector has begun to show results with transition from a former hotbed of conflicts to a popular destination for both domestic and international travelers.

The visits of thousands of Hindu pilgrims from across the world and the country to participate in the centuries-old cave temple Hinglaj Mata festival at Lasbela district of Balochistan in the recent past was a definite indication of the confidence of visitors.

For the first time in last 19 years, the province enjoyed the privilege of hosting 34th national games 2023, besides managing to peacefully organize PSL- eight exhibition cricket match at Bugti Stadium Quetta.

There are amazing mysteries and tales waiting for foreign tourists to whet their curiosity by visiting bucolic landscape of Balochistan, from mesmerizing natural sculpture of sleeping beauty, awe-inspiring Princess of Hope, sun-warmed Istola Island to the oldest archaeological site Mehargarh, dating back to almost 7000 BC, 1860s Fort Sademan, a 3.8 km long Khojak Tunnel built during the British regime, and much more.

Undoubtedly, it is an amazing region with fascinating deserts, breathtaking mountain ranges, a 750-kilometer long scenic coastline with captivating beaches and echo sites, antique juniper sweeping forests, historic ancient structures and enchanting fountains and waterfalls.

'Balochistan is overly optimistic about its future with flourishing tourism sector after diminishing sabotage activities,' said Manzoor Hussain, Provincial Secretary Culture and Tourism.

Unveiling details of his recent visit to Germany to attend an international expo, he said, a group of 35 to 40 Berlin tourists is anxious to visit Balochistan. 'All those vloggers were enthusiastic to explore natural, historical, cultural, and religious sites of Balochistan and I assured them all the cooperation.'

'Come and explore Balochistan, take nature's photos, upload videos, and introduce our natural asset world over through your digital platforms,' the Secretary informed them. 'Drawing their attention to the province's cultural, historical and archeological sites is our top priority.'

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