Balochistan launches multidimensional steps for education overhaul.


Byline: Ali Haider

Interview with Muhammad Azeem Khan Kakar - Media Coordinator. CM Balochistan

PAGE: Tell us about your personal story and path, and how you arrived to do the work you are doing today?

Azeem Khan Kakar: It is said; Human is the creature of circumstance. The chaotic political culture, disappointment of people, the attitude of incapable political leadership created a vacuum, which resulted an environment where people around forced us to come forward and play on your part. Thus, the gravity of situation and understanding the right of our first mother, Pakistan, I decided to contribute on my part. Russian philosopher, Lao Tolstoy, during Russian Revolution said; "Be the change, you wish to see in the world". Certainly, my capacity is very limited, still with this small contribution, we may change a few people. Society will definitely change, provided we offer them exemplary figures with an impeccable character and foresight.

PAGE: Please tell us more about government of Balochistan and what does development mean for education?

Azeem Khan Kakar: The incumbent Balochistan Government, led by BAP Chairman Jam Kamal Khan, believe in real service of public. Alhamdulillah Government of Balochistan at its inception chalked out a comprehensive plan based on short term strategy, mid term strategy and long term strategy. More than twenty new laws and reforms, Sector wise amelioration mechanism and self assessment program was designed in first six months. Now putting our further endeavor to reflect things practically. And in education sector, we declared emergency in our first cabinet meeting, a year earlier.

For the first time 18 percent budget allocated for education. Our government upgrading all primary, middle and high schools; establishing 300 new model schools in rural areas; school cluster budget redesigned; provision of 32 buses to girls inter colleges; upgradation of 23 inter colleges; construction of three sub campuses of Balochistan's only Medical College (BMC); and construction of three sub campuses of universities and foreign scholarships for bright students. Meanwhile, our government also help needy students via Special Support Program (SSP). Additionally, Essential Educational Services Bill-2019 passed by Provincial Assembly and we implemented BEDA Act-2011 and RTMS, to ensure encouraging results in this important sector.

PAGE: How would you advise secular organizations to engage religious leaders on a practical level?


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