Balochistan a beautiful place where people live with love and peace : IG Khaliq.

QUETTA -- Inspector General of Police Balochistan Abdul Khaliq Sheikh Thursday said that Balochistan is a beautiful place of different people and languages in which they live together with mutual love and peace.

He was addressing an event at the Central Police Office on the occasion of Baloch Culture Day.

He said Culture Day provides an excellent opportunity to promote the culture and showcase their identity.

He said Balochi people have been living peacefully and in harmony for centuries. The bravery, love, respect and honor are the characteristics of the people of this province. Balochi music, dance, food and entertainment have a unique status, he added.

He said Balochistan Police were taking steps for the rule of law and enforcement of laws by promoting policing according to the culture and style of each area, saying that the culture of the people here should be kept in mind and policing should be promoted by...

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