Baloch Culture Day helps promoting provincial and national harmony: Sanjrani.

ISLAMABAD -- Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Thursday said that the Baloch Culture Day celebrations were aimed at promoting provincial and national harmony and disseminating a message that the Baloch nation was organized, conscious and peaceful.

In his Baloch Culture Day message being celebrated on Thursday, he said celebrating various cultures was aimed at spreading awareness, promoting cultural integration and making efforts to keep alive all customs, traditions, cultures and unique lifestyles of the people of the province.

Emphasizing the importance of promoting provincial and national harmony through cultural integration, he said that Baloch culture was a culture of peace, love, traditions and unity and the day was being celebrated in a grand manner across the country, especially Balochistan.

He said the day was being celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm as on the day Baloch youth, children, and elderly people show...

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