Bajaur elders condemn 'attacks' on state institutions.

BAJAUR -- Elders of Tharkani and Utmankhel tribes on Tuesday expressed their anger over the attempts to bring the state institutions into disrepute.

Addressing a news conference at the Bajaur Press Club here, elders, including Malik Bahadar Shah, Malik Shaheen Khan, Malik Sultan Zeb, Malik Hifzur Rahman, Malik Abdul Nasar Khan and others condemned the attempts to 'damage' the image of judiciary, armed forces and other state institutions.

Baseless allegations against functionaries of state institutions for vested interests have disappointed the citizens, they said, adding, 'attacks' on state institutions were meant to create anarchy and instability in the country.

They said people stood by the state institutions as a strong army and independent judiciary guaranteed country's sovereignty and prosperity.

They called for stopping baseless allegations against the state institutions for the country's larger good...

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