Bait-ul-Mal affairs.


Byline: Hasan Adil Malik - Karachi

PAKISTAN Bait-ul-Mal supports many deserving citizens all over the country. Financial support to the underprivileged citizens is being provided by this state entity in an organised manner.

However, the lower staff at district offices of Bait-ul-Mal do not treat widows, orphans and the underprivileged kindly. A majority of the beneficiaries is uneducated, poor and hardly able to make both ends meet.

Perhaps owing to provincial jurisdictions, the staff do not entertain applicants in one province in other provinces. Based on permanent home address and its place of issuance, as per CNIC, staff ask applicants to contact their respective districts, although law does not restrict any citizen to reside and work in other province.

Considering this, applications for help from Bait-ul-Mal can still be processed and verified on inter-province communication channel to complete the formalities.

The labour...

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