Bahria's Maritime works organization aiming high to boost blue economy.


Byline: Shabbir Kazmi

Bahria Foundation was established by Pakistan Navy in January 1982 by the Government of Pakistan as a Charitable Trust under the Endowment Act 1890.

The Committee of Administration (CoA) of Bahria Foundation is headed by Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi NI(M), as its Chairman. Committee of Administration acts as the supreme governing body of the Bahria Foundation. The Managing Director being the Executive Head, conducts administrative and commercial activities of the Foundation.

The Foundation is engaged in diversified industrial, commercial and developmental activities through its four pillars namely Bahria Education and Training Services, Maritime Works Organization, Commercial Businesses and Bahria Estates. All four pillars are headed by Deputy Managing Directors of each pillar. Alongside, Bahria Foundation operates in various regions of Pakistan, i.e. North, South, Centre and West.

PAGE: What is the basic purpose of creation of Bahria Foundation?

Shah Sohail Masood: The purpose of the Foundation is to establish profitable businesses for welfare of serving and rehabilitation of retired personnel of Pakistan Navy and their dependents including families of Shuhadas.

PAGE: Which are the key areas of involvement related to blue economy?

Shah Sohail Masood: Maritime Works Organization of Bahria Foundation is engaged in jump-starting the maritime sector of Pakistan while capitalizing on vast opportunities being offered along the coast through dredging of harbors, transshipment hub, development of maritime resources, ports and shipyards and scientific survey with an aim to boost the blue economy. Following are the projects undertaken by MWO: LNG Terminal, Establishment of Commercial Shipyard, Establishment of Commercial Port, Bahria Classification Society, Exploration of off-shore hydrocarbons and marine resources, Boat Building Yard, Diving, Dredging etc.

PAGE: Why Bahria Foundation specially focuses on education?

Shah Sohail Masood: Bahria Education and Training Services (BEATS), the welfare and education division of Bahria Foundation (BF) was established in 1998 with the aim to provide quality education. So far, BEATS has established more than 80 campuses across the country with the strength of over 29,500 students and provided jobs to 3,480 personnel of Pakistan Navy/Armed Forces retired personnel and local community of the area. Among these Schools and Colleges, 45 campuses are located in the...

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