Bagh-e-Aman Mela begins in Tirah valley.

PESHAWAR -- Bagh-e-Aman Mela got under way in Tirah valley amidst joyful moments and tight security in and around Bagh valley being taken by the official of the security forces besides large numbers of elders of the area and youth participated.

The Bagh-e-Aman Mela in Tirah valley organized by the district administration and security forces in the Tirah Valley of Khyber District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The opening ceremony was attended by MPA Shafique Sher, with elders from all six tribes and officials of the security forces formally opened the festival. At the opening ceremony, participants sang the national anthem while children waved the national flag. While marching in the festival, the band received special accolades from the participants through beautiful melodies.

At the opening ceremony, children presented various tableaus. Bike rides of Pakistan Army Military Police also showed their skills on this occasion. Khattak dance and other regional dances were also performed at the event. Paragliding, Power Gliding made the events more memorable for the schools children, youth of the area who largely enjoyed. The...

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